1. Fuck it.

    To Anonymous…

    i’ve decided that in actuality i don’t really care if random ppl know stupid shit about me.. so.. to answer your previous question that i gave such an unnecessary hard time about…

    i’m 21.

  2. Anonymous said: somebody.. anybody... EVERYBODY lol...

    well in that case… it doesn’t matter.. you don’t need to know…

  3. Anonymous said: how old are you exactly?

    who wants to know? -_-

  4. buddyx:

    lasgo - something

    WOW! throw-fucking-back…….. :D 

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  6. helenofdestroy:


    I want to live here~

    me too. for a week.

    lets not shit ourselves, 7 days of that and you’re ready to go home and take a decent shower.